Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shawn's Babies

The bartender here at work is expecting twins. Her due date is January 27th, but today she went into labor - two months early. She is a little thing and each baby weighs maybe 3 pounds. Shawn is having a boy and a girl and I knit her these little hats and mitered bath cloths. The hats will probably be too big for their little heads, but I'm sure they will grow into them.

Please keep Shawn and the little ones in your thoughts and prayers to be healthly. They might end up being airlifted to Denver, depending on the health situation. I did give these to Shawn two weeks ago so I am glad that I did that so early.

Here is a photo of the socks I was talking about yesterday - the Smores Socks. These are the ones that ended up at the annual meeting. I'm still taking suggestions as to what to do - so far the consensus seems to be to donate them to the annual meeting again this year.

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