Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pass the Butter...

Spud of the West, aka Dr. Potatohead, recently had a birthday and I tend to knit her less than functional items. That is what friends are for.

A couple of years ago she received this:

Every mad scientist need a knit double helix of their very own. Here is Spud's under the microscope. They always look larger under the microscope.

This year she received....

Ain't he cute? As Mr. Potatohead still resides near Boston and Dr. Potatohead is in Gunnison for another year I thought she needed a little lobster to remind her of home. I bet her students really wonder about their professor. I now have to start looking for next year's pattern.

The Continuing Education catalog came out last week and the knitting class I teach is listed once again. I can hardly wait for the new crop of knitters to come to class and I can warp their little minds, I mean introduce them to the wonders of knitting.

I am very excited about taking a yarn dyeing class this weekend at Dancing Sheep. The instructor is from Thermopolis and sells her own line of hand-dyed yarns and fibers. This should be really fun.

In case I have yet to mention it here, Lucie is a wingnut! Yep, our little bundle of oddness is outdoing herself every day. Now, we knew that Lucie see dogs and animals on the TV - which means we have to block Animal Planet. But the Olympics have added to the list of "Things not to watch when Lucie is in the room". Anything to do with horses: dressage, jumping, pommel horse (yes, you read that right). She barked a little bit at the swimming but that might have been a leftover from the dressage. I was watching "Forest Gump" last night and whenever Forest ran she went a little nuts as well. Also, the scene where Jenny is throwing rocks at her old house - that set Lucie off too. (BTW - my favorite line from Forest Gump: "Sometimes there are just not enough rocks.") Pershing ignores the TV unless a doorbell rings on some show. Oh, and NBC aired some commercial for an upcoming series that had some high pitched noises at the beginning and that really wigged them out. Needless to say, this adds a whole new dimension to our TV viewing. And I don't care if shows are aired in HD - it doesn't matter when your screen is covered in nose prints!