Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finished Projects!

I finally have some finished projects - with photos - to show ya'll.

Disco Socks:

This pattern I found in my Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar. Very cool socks that mom is now wearing.

Baby Blanket:

My boss and his wife are expecting baby girl #3 in October and as his house will now be overflowing with pink I decided that he needed a Chicago Bears Baby Blanket. He is a huge Bears fan and now he will have something to curl up under with his new daughter. Everyone go "awwwww". The pattern is called Tilting at Windmills that I found in the vast reaches of the internet. I modified the stripes to mimic the blue, white and orange stripes on the old Chicago Bears uniforms. I had to show it to boss-man as it was just so cool. He won't officially receive it tho until closer to the due date.

And this is why my blog is called Knits With Dogs. That is Lucie helping me take the photo of the blanket. Yes, I have a whole house for them to roam in and this is where she hangs out. Earlier, there was a squeaky toy on the blanket. I missed getting Pershing in the photo but he was helping out as well. Sigh - dogs.

My cousin and his wife are expecting twins - a girl and a boy - also in early October. (I am blaming the writers strike for this "baby boom". There was nothing good on TV so let's make our own entertainment! People have no consideration for us knitters.) Anywho, I have the two blankets done for the twins - just the basic diagonal dishcloth blanket, but I will be adding edgings to coordinate to the sexes. I knit both blankets in a verigated yarn by Universal Yarns called Easter Parade and then I can match up the blue and pink colors to knit up edgings. Time to go shopping for yarn!!

On a separate note, Casper now has TWO yarn stores. Yes, I have two LYS to choose from when purchasing yarn. I am currently teaching a beginning knitting class at the new store and taking a shawl sampler class at the other store. If you are ever in Casper be sure to check out All That Yarn and Dancing Sheep Yarn & Fiber. Joan and Charlotte run excellent stores and I am so glad to have ever more selection of beautiful yarns. My checkbook is not so happy however.

Monday, May 5, 2008

What Happened to April?

Apparently I missed April.

The World's Largest Crop was great fun. There were so many cool page ideas - I can't believe how creative some people are.

The Ironman was tiring, awesome, hot, stressful, and wonderful. Dave finished!! Woo Hoo! That is the important thing. The athletes had 17 hours to finish and Dave did it in 16:48:48. His swim and bike were excellent but the run nearly did him him. And the crazy boy wants to do another one in a year or so. I can't be related to someone like this. But, there were 2100 other crazy people compeating as well.

I got home, unburied my desk at work, and then somehow acquired a sinus infection. I'm blaming typhoid Ron for this one. The course of antibiotics is almost done (yeah!) but I still have a mild cough. I started this 10 days ago while doing another scrapbooking weekend. I was slightly out of it and did not have as much fun as I had anticipated. I did get a album completed tho so that is a good thing. But, that Sunday I got even sicker and spent the whole day throwing up.

I am finally feeling better, but realized it is now May and somehow a whole month has gotten away from me. Hopefully nothing too important passed me by.