Monday, November 26, 2007


I spent my holiday weekend watching football and knitting - for 4 days! My arse is a little sore, as is my wrist, but I managed to finish a couple of Christmas presents. Woo Hoo. I didn't sit around all weekend. Ron and I took the dogs out everyday to go run and play and chase squirrels. We went to an incredible buffet on Thursday at a local restaurant and ate way too much. On Friday I was up at 4 am - not to go shopping but because Lucie woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep. I ended up watching the movie "Private Benjamin" - a classic with Goldie Hawn. Ron and I ended up at Sears at 7 am tho to get some jeans and then we went out to eat breakfast. The only shopping I really did on Friday was at the grocery store. I did go to Hobby Lobby to buy some stickers and paper for scrapbooking, and I went to the LYS to get a ball of yarn for one of the presents (I needed just a bit more to finish). Of course I walked out with more than the one ball of yarn needed, but that is always the case. Yarn is like potato chips, you can never buy just one.

So, I spent some time knitting a pair of socks on Sunday. I am having some trouble actually knitting these socks - I'm just not feeling in the mood to do them. I started them in June and they are taking me forever to knit. In the meantime I have knitted about a dozen other projects and started more socks. Here is a little back story and then I will need some input.

Knit Picks (one of the great yarn companies out there) has a sock yarn colorway called "Smores". Now, what girl scout leader could resist this? I knit up a pair of socks and donated them to my council for their silent auction at the annual meeting in April. They were a hit and several other people asked if I could knit them a pair. I said sure, and ordered more skeins of Smores yarn.

The second pair of Smores socks are the ones stuck on the needles. I am knitting two at once on two circular needles and have passed the heel and am working my way down the foot. There is light at the end of the tunnel for these suckers, but I just can't bring myself to work on them. I mean, instead of knitting them last night, I actually turned off the Patriots/Eagles game and went upstairs and sorted through the piles of mail and detritus on my table. That is pathetic. Those of you who know me know how I am currently feeling about our council and maybe this is a psychological thing in my brain. So, here is my question - do I:

1. Finish the socks and sell them to one of the women that asked for them last year?
2. Finish the socks and donate them for the annual GS meeting in February and make them bid on them? (thereby the council gets the money)
3. Finish the socks and give them as a Christmas present to a friend? (which just seems wrong)

If I choose #2, then I have an issue about what size to knit as one of the women has incredibly small feet.

I would love to insert a photo now, but I can't seem to get this feature working. Sigh. It's a Monday.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and I also hope that the next month of Christmas music does not drive you too crazy!

Oh, and the title for this post came from the beer commercials I watched all weekend - one word spoken through the whole commercial, just with varying inflections depending on the situation. Dude.

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Dr. Potato Head said...

Dude, indeed. I'd probably donate them, not because it's the right or noble thing to do but because it's the path of least resistance.

Why yes, I am that habitually lazy.