Monday, November 5, 2007

No Peeking!

It was a productive weekend for this blogger. I managed to get a couple of knit objects felted, completed one project, and still had time to play with the dogs. I even took pictures of everything so I could post something besides rambling to this site, and to have something to update the scrapbook with. So, here goes:

Here is Pershing modeling my novelty yarn scarf. I teach a knitting class at the local college and I always have them make a furry scarf, which means I make one every semester as well. This year, I went for the sports colors and have CU/Steelers scarf to wear this fall. As the dogs insist on helping me whenever I am taking photos, I decided that they should actually be useful, as well as ornamental. I had a hard time keeping Pershing sitting still long enough for me to take the photo. You can see the tip of Lucie's paw on the side. She also has a photo modeling the scarf. Good Dogs!

Detail of a knitted object...but what could it be? No telling until after Christmas.

How about this one? Different yarns and textures...but no shaking the box - you still won't be able to figure it out!

You'll never guess what this one is! A pretty mix of wool and mohair though.

Finally, this project - finished just this morning. Hummmmm....

The felting went really well. I have everything drying on a hanging sweater rack. Normally, it hangs in the shower, but as I needed to take an occasional shower this weekend, I had to move it. Where to hang it? Oh, I know! There is a plant hook in the ceiling in the middle of my living room, and as I have no plants (a black thumb does not go well with plants), this was available. I how have a very odd looking chandelier.

I also had a girl scout meeting this weekend. The girls wanted to have a sort of post-Halloween party so we had munchies and music. We decided to move the festivities outside and headed to the park and playgound behind the meeting place. Keep in mind I have 12-15 year olds. They played on the equipment meant for 6 year olds, and then ended up scooping all the fallen leaves into a large pile. Everyone had to take jump into the pile at least once, including yours truly. I think I am still picking leaves out of my hair. But, we had a lot of fun - and that is the important bit.

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