Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

Today I am wearing a dog mask (shocker!) It is basically a headband with a nose piece that drops down. It is all covered with fur and I have big floppy ears. For some reason, whenever anyone walks in the office they start laughing. I have also been told that it is hard to talk to me and keep a straight face. My boss is fighting the urge to scratch my ears. As long as nobody tries to give me a belly rub we should avoid any sexual harassment issues. But don't worry - my bark is worse than my bite!

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and fun Halloween tonight. I'll be handing out dum dums and dog bones (for the furry trick or treaters).


Rainbow Viking said...

Furry Trick or treaters!

I saw lots of those last night!
Hope your Halloween was awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is great as a beginner sock. I needed socks fast for my father who is 90 and ailing. In trying to adjust for his size 12s, this pattern is easy to rip out and redo without ripping out too much, a great blessing when time is critical. Thank you for your genius...and generosity in sharing. God bless you. Christine Kline