Friday, October 26, 2007

Not so Itsy Bitsy

So I am totally wigging out right now. This morning I had a run-in with a rather large spider and I am trying not to throw up my honey nut o's.

For those that don't know me, I normally wear my hair in a bun. As I was taking the dogs out for a final potty before leaving for work, I kind of felt something brush against my face. It felt bigger than the normal wisp of hair, but I looked around and didn't see anything on the floor. The dogs and I came back in the house, I got some final things together, and as I was in the foyer I felt something on my head and then drop to my shoulder. I looked down and there was this large, brown spider - about as large as a quarter. I opened the door and flicked it out into the bushes. As I am not a bug-person, I have no idea what type of spider this guy was. I really hope it was not a Western Recluse Spider. I just looked that up on the web and I can't quite remember if that is what attacked me. The site just kept going on about how they have 6 eyes in a horseshoe pattern as opposed to the 8 eyes that other spiders have. Yeah, like I took the time to count eyes.

I arrived at work and promptly took down the hair and shook it out. (Insert shudder here). I'm ok. I guess someone forgot to tell the spiders that Halloween is next week.

On a happier note, I am going to Croptoberfest tomorrow! Yes, in addition to the craziness of knitting and all things yarn, I also love to scrapbook. I have read some things out there where people think that these two hobbies don't mix and there are some knitters that really look down on scrappers. I might rant about that later. Ah, the anticipation.

My scrapping involves doing pages related to all of the projects I have knitted and wove (and other crafty things), there is a Girl Scout album, and of course tons of doggy pages. I am currently working on a album of all my baby pictures, and will be starting one for my brother, Dave. No, he does not get all of my baby pictures - but that would be kind of funny. I guess I should give him all of his baby pictures in an album, instead of in the envelopes where they are now (his original baby book kind of fell apart). Anywho, I will be spending 15 hours tomorrow just scrapping! It should be a blast.

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Rainbow Viking said...

Spiders are only ok as theoretical objects! In real life they are only ok if a) they are not touching one's person or b) they are far away.

I like that picture (below) though.
Maybe I should get a blog too!