Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brain Dump

It's December and apparently I am supposed to be the Christmas spirit or something. I just am not feeling it this year. The carols are already annoying me (hint to advertisers - you can use other Christmas songs besides "Carol of the Bells" - really.) I am not putting up the tree - well, that is not scrooge related, just puppy related. I don't think Lucie is ready to have a tree in the house. I am looking forward to going home for the holiday and seeing mom and dad, celebrating my b-day, seeing Dr. Potatohead, and enjoying civilization for a few days.

The bartender and the twins are doing great. They are tiny (the boy was 3 lbs 15 oz and the girl was 2 lbs 11 oz) but healthy. She says they look nothing alike and she calls them ying and yang. They are still in Denver but hoping to come home soon. The hats I knit fit (wow!) and I will be getting photos soon. We are hoping that they gain enough weight to be able to come to Casper before Christmas so keep your fingers crossed.

I am just about done with the Christmas knitting. I have 1/2 of one present left to go. I keep getting a little too much help from Lucie - she wants to sit in my lap or play tug-of-war or fetch while I am trying to knit. She is really not too concerned when I explain that so-and-so will not be receiving their present if this keeps up. It is all about her.

Here is something I knit that I can actually show as it will not be a present. It is hard to tell from the photo, but the pattern knitting is not exactly even. I knit half one night and finished it the next night and I was much looser the first night. And I pulled the yarn a little tight so it is not very stretchy. In case you can't tell - it is a ski band/head band/ear warmer thing. Very cute, but not quite perfect enough to be a present. I did finish knitting a hat for Ron that is more like a ski mask. The pattern is actually for a WWI balacalva with just an opening for the eyes. I told him to make sure he never wears it to rob a bank. It will keep his head warm tho. I'll post a photo as soon as I can get one.
I have another scrapbooking day on Saturday and I looking forward to a day of cropping. I'll be finishing some more Christmas presents and working on some little projects. I am so looking forward to it! The final knitting class of the semester is tomorrow night and we usually have a party with food and munchies. We do more talking and eating on party nights than we knit/crochet - but we have a lot of fun!! We start again next semester with a new batch of soon to be fiber-aholics.

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