Friday, December 28, 2007

Photos Revealed!

No, I am not dead. I have just been busy with last minute holiday knitting and then we went home to Boulder for a nice long weekend! But, as everyone has received their presents I can finally post some photos - and complete photos at that. No more of the teaser shots. So, here it goes:

Ok, here are the pics. I guess I should look at these before posting and maybe rotate them so they are right side up, but you need to do neck exercises so just tilt and check them out.
Starting from the top left: this scarf was knit for B in Maine out of a yarn called Bunny. It is wool tho - very soft wool. I loved knitting with this yarn. The scarf turned out beautiful and it should keep her neck very warm during those Maine winters.

The cross over scarf (sideways pic) was knit for M in Cambridge, England. It is knit from a cotton yarn and is a combination of knitting and weaving - very cool.

The purple gloves were one of the teasers from an earlier post. These were made for D who requested a pair of mittens this winter. The wool is Cascade 220 (a lovely verigated purple) and the cuffs are out of a furry yarn. These were then felted to create a very warm mitten. She loved them!

In the second row are a pair of hats that went to mom and dad. They are knit from Cherry Tree Hill yarn - a wool and possum mix. Very soft yarn. Some people have issues with the possum yarn but my parents thought it was very cool.

Finally, the scarf. This was made for Dr. Potatohead to keep her neck warm in chilly Gunnison. It is knit from Noro yarn. She also received a pair of socks from the Tofoutsies yarn, but those (and other) pics are still on the camera. This just means I'll have to do another post soon!

I did receive some knitting needles for my B-day and for Christmas from my sweetie. I circled what I wanted from the Knit Picks catalog and all he really had to do was dial the phone and give them his credit card number. I have the harmony options needle set and the harmony double pointed needle set. Very pretty needles by the way.

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