Monday, January 21, 2008


So far people have been very surprised about the new 'do! But everyone also really likes the hair. And yes, it is much lighter. I am re-learning how to brush short hair and I purchased a hair dryer and a curling iron this weekend so my styling will be more than a bun and a stick. I'll get more photos posted soon - promise!

In case anyone as yet to figure this out but men are the most oblivious creatures on earth! I have been at work for 7 hours now and not one person has actually noticed that I cut my hair. Of course the golf pro and superintendant are not in the office every day, but you think that the club manager would take notice. I would get comments on the days I wore my hair in a braid of "Oh, you wore your hair down today - I never realized how long it was" and the like. But today, not one bloody comment! Would they notice if I shaved my head?

Happy 60th Birthday to mom today! Wish I could be home to celebrate.

Yesterday I froze my arse off with my girl scout troop marching in our MLK parade/march. We were the colorguard and the girls did great!! I believe the temperature at 10:30 yesterday morning was something like -20 (with windchill) and it was snowing. Needless to say it was a very fast march and the photos are of all these bundled up people and it is really hard to identify the girls. Apparently another MLK march in Georgia was cancelled yesterday due to 1" of snow or something. I know that they don't get much snow and such, but what lightweights!

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