Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finally Some Photos

I have been doing a lot of knitting lately and I finally remembered to bring the camera and the computer together to download the photos. You might notice I have a new profile pic - there are the two live dogs - Lucie and Pershing. In the middle is the dog I knit for my nephew's birthday. His older brother received a knit teddy bear for his 3rd Birthday so the doggie is the latest birthday gift. I have a feeling this will become a tradition.

Here are some other things off the needles recently:
A pair of slippers I knitted for myself. The pattern is from an issue of either Interweave Knits or Vogue Knitting (a mind is a terrible thing to waste). I used a bulky yarn for the foot and then Lamb's Pride for the cuff. Ron received a pair for Christmas as well - tho not in pink.
These are the Twilight Socks from the 2 At A Time sock book. I knit these for Marilyn in exchange for artwork (see previous post). The Casper Scrapalopes logo turned out awesome! I made t-shirts for everyone and they were a big hit at the World's Largest Crop last weekend. The shirts were lime green so we really stood out! Oh, and she loved the socks! She is a Calagary Flames fan so the bright red socks are perfect!
Here is a close up of the dog for the nephew. Isn't he cute?! I used a Bernat fun fur yarn and he turned out really soft. However, the pattern said it would be approx. 11" tall and he is slightly taller than that. That is ok tho, more of him to love and cuddle with.
As I was trying to get a photo of the three dogs together Lucie and Pershing decided that it was time to rough house. I managed to get several photos of the two silly dogs as they were tearing around the living room. (Yes, that is a dog bed/pad on the floor). They finally calmed down enough to get the photo you see as my profile pic. Good Dogs!!
That is about it for now. I have two pairs of socks currently on the needles, and am getting ready to start a sweater. I also signed up for a Mystery Knit A Long thru the Tempe Yarn and Fiber Shop and that will start in May. I am looking forward to that adventure.

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