Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hat Season

The snow a couple of weeks ago clued us all in that it is getting to be hat weather here in Wyoming. Here are two of my latest projects:

This is the Four-Square hat designed by Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed. You use two different yarns and change color every 2 - 6 rows. The greyish color is an organic wool from New Zealand. The brown is from Knit Picks - their Peruivan wool. A very southern hemisphere hat. I knit this for the accountant for work - he has spent a lot of time with me recently helping me understand our accounting system and this was to thank him for his time and trouble.
This hat is from the recent Vogue Knitting magazine and it knit up soooo cute. This is for Autumn, the 3-year old daughter of a friend. How is this for a perfect birthday present? The inside yarn is wool/alpaca mix (and since we recently visited an Alpaca farm it is very appropriate) and the outside is a 100% wool. It looks very cute on Autumn.


Rainbow Viking said...

Those look all sorts of fuzzy and warm. I am really appreciating hats right about now- it is cold in Russia apparently. :)

I agree, I am not sure if Russia was ready for me, but I am certainly having a blast!
Thanks Alena!

Rainbow Viking said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaa! Romanov Revenge it is! Thank you!