Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Knitting Odds and Ends

Ok, so the reason I have not been blogging is 1) sheer laziness (I'll be honest), 2) I really do not have that much to say, and 3) I've been busy knitting. So I won't keep you all waiting any longer, here are some pictures of my recent knitting adventures:

Two Cable knit headbands. The green band on the left is out of Hempathy yarn (a cotton, hemp mix) and the red headband is 100% cotton. I love wearing them. You can't see the ties, but they are i-cord. (The headbands are "posed" on a lazy kate.)

Pershing modeling a scarf I knit. In my knitting classes at Casper College we do a scarf out of some sort of novelty yarn (like a fun fun, ribbon yarn, etc) and they have to pick two separate yarns to learn how to change and carry different colors/yarns. This was the sample I knit along with the class this past semester.

Socks, socks, socks. Yes, I do love to knit socks. The first pair are for me (I do so love selfish knitting). They knit up in this fair isle pattern in the browns and greens. I do so love these socks.

This are Primavera Socks. I didn't download the closeup but there is a pattern of sorts. These are knit out of Tofutsies.

Finally, my Mexico socks out of Regia yarn. The yarn band indicates that thier colorways are for the flag colors of various nations. These are Mexico, and not the North Pole as one might initially think. I think these will be a gift.

My life is not all knitting. Here is some wool I spun up. It is a wool, silk mix from Lucy's Sheep Camp in Thermopolis, WY where they dye the wool. Beautiful. I have no idea what I'll do with this yarn...

Finally, the baby blankets. As mentioned in a previous blog there are several babies due this fall. These two blankets are for the twins my cousin is expecting - a boy and a girl. The yarn is Universal. I purchased the yarn when I was in Tempe for the Ironman. They are so beautiful and so soft - perfect for a set of newborns in New Jersey.

I have knit some other stuff as well but don't have the photos yet and/or they are presents and have to be mailed off before I can post the photos. I have several other projects on the needles so I have plently to keep me busy.

In case anyone was concerned, the golf course is back to normal, and perhas a tad better, after the flooding we had in early June. We just finished hosting our largest tournament and the summer season is starting to wind down. Yes, you read correctly. School starts on the 18th of August around here and teachers have to be back the week before so we have only 3 more weeks of summer before we loose all our staff.

I did host a summer scrapbooking party at my house in June and we scrapped all day long in the A/C. I finished the Ironman scrapbook for Dave and am debating when to give it to him. I'll be home over Labor Day weekend for a wedding and would love to give it to him then (I am very impatient). I should wait until Christmas, but I doubt I will make it that long. I am going to a Girls Night Out scrapping this Friday night and will work on some more albums. It is a wonder I have time to work. Speaking of, I should probably get back to it.

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